La Cova dels Vins was born on a cold winter afternoon in 2002 when Francesc Perello, known as “Sisco,” was helping his father prune historical vines on a small parcel of land that had fallen into disuse. These vineyards, in fact, were so old, so poor, and so steep that growing grapes in them was not only physically demanding but virtually life threatening. Bringing in a tractor or any sort of machinery was out of the question.

Working in these bleak conditions alongside his father must have put Sisco – whose day job is winemaker at the winery Capçanes - in a sentimental mood. As the two slowly pruned by hand, the older man shared memories of working this same land - including his belief that it would be wonderful to once again make a single wine from these small parcels of land. Before the sun had set, father and son decided they should bottle a small amount of wine from the vineyard, separately from the Capçanes production, and call this new project La Cova dels Vins, or “The Cave of Wine.” La Cova dels Vins produces wines, whose vines are located between Falset and Capçanes at an altitude from 200 up to 700 metres.

And in much the same way, Sisco has return to ancient winemaking techniques with La Cova dels Vins. Ironically the wine is both historic and a first. These great old vineyards never had the economic ability to bottle wines for the market so in the past many of their grapes had been sold in bulk. By introducing La Cova dels Vins onto the world stage, Sisco pays homage to not only his father, but the traditions of an entire region.

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